drybulk market still heading north

Up again on the indexes, positive sentiment is still around. according to BMTI, “Quite an amount of fresh new cargoes shows up for supras and handys for prompt trips in both hemispheres“. On the Handy bulk Viewpoint section, on an owners counter indicating 20’000usd daily to a chrtrs  evaluation at 12’000usd on a 58kdwat from […]

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English ships or not

Positive sentiment overall in our drybulk market, bss yesterday’s index. Not sure it’s going to last with the UK out and view the first movements seen on various markets. For sure all indexes are on heading to the green, almost all routes whichever the size are going north. Is the summer season for drybulk finally […]

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Market is bleeding, give your blood

Today’s international blood day donation and unfortunatly the blood found at sea from shipping industry players is not the right quality for medical use. Focusing on Handies In today’s BDI, we can read, fixed ex ECSA “Siva Emerald’ 2010 28300 dwt dely Rio De Janeiro 17/21 Jun trip redel Continent intention pig iron $4 ,750 […]

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