tuxedo’s season in shipping. Anything specific to celebrate? check here

Awards season has started, with Lloyd’s list award ceremony held yesterday . Great opportunity to check if your tuxedo is still fitting you nicely or if you have been to unreasonable lately by celebrating market’s rise. To my opinion, whichever the market shipping people are anyway well known for their abilities to find good excuses […]

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fake cargoes and zombies ships

Are today’s comments written in BMTI already part of the history? reading todays BDI index is a bit of a cold shower. But, good figures are still reported and heard here and there, we were given to read yesterday evening the 2 fixtures below, which I feel comfortable to pass to you, as trust it’s […]

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is perception always subjective?

  Good day, good morning, So, the shipping market is heading towards the right direction finally for Owners? Surely, we are seeing more circulars from Owners proposing their ladies “available for period,6 months, try longer“, a true signal from Owners trying to secure now the money available on the market. Another way to understand is […]

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to conclude the week. the winner is

Anastasios K is our yesterday’s winner. As promised, he deserves his 15 minutes of fame. I’m fairly sure he does not need this circular to enhance his market connections and network. Anastasios is chartering manager at Bluementhal looking after a fleet worldwide from small handies to supramaxes and as a representative of a good German […]

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