are Forum the choke points?

If you’re into the coaster – or trading side – then the usual BMTI might enlight your day somehow. If you’re into the bigger ladies, then you might be bit starving for more market info. I’m not willing to let you down here on this point, but I’m afraid I don’t have much crispy info […]

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skilled digital master

Good day, lovely, Bdi is today showing back some green and are on average at +10pt, thanks only to the Capes gaining +69points. Nothing enough to open up the champagne bottle in owners’ offices. As you can find in Bmti’s today report, fact that period business is back on the plate, is a good sign […]

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no change for a change

Not much to add today. What was right yesterday seems to be still in force today. In summary, for a change, not much market change. In regards to S&P figures, I’m still struggling to understand why very much comparable ships namely Atlantic spirit 33,427dwt built 2007 / Japan/ 4x30t cranes/ Mitsubishi /  sold at $9.8mio […]

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you’re color-blind. Don’t worry I’m here to help you reading shipping market

After some bullish comments on the market made yesterday by BMTI correspondants (remember brokers being confident about the global world economic growth), today the comments are more bearish. « limited number of reported BDI fixtures » / « end of the year traditional rush is behind us » / « lack of attractive business » and so on. I won’t learn you […]

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short and sweet for today

All you need* is « convinced brokers about market to regain strengh shortly ». To my opinion, unlike the argument given in BMTI stating, according to brokers, the shipping market shall strengthen shortly thanks to « general favorable world economic conditions » is bit of a short analysis. *alternatively all you don’t need depending where is your chair in […]

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