Easter battle in shipping?

looking like shipping markets (yes with a “s” as each area/size showing different situation when it comes to supply& demand (the definition of a market) are seeing various adjustments. On the handies, ECSA is looking like being in better shape, while BLSEA seems to be softening a bit. Likewise, if we take the Handies wheat […]

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yes need to compare apple with apple

You’ve been lazy following market this week, the solution is here with Baltex dry Report on the handies, as mentionned already, “rates from the Pacific continued to climb and showed no signs of weakening”. The “30,000 dwt dop Casa fixed at $12,000 for a trip to West Africa“, looking like Pelagos has been very closed […]

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tough life and sweet evening

Life is tough According to BMTI, and in other words, Tough situation for these charterers who had to face $22,000 daily to secure the « Phoenix Rising » 60417dwt built 2015 delivered in Damietta to go to China via Blsea. Tough time for these charterers who missed the $17.50mt ship to move 28,000mt of wheat ex Kavkaz […]

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Annual report period

Good day, good afternoon, good evening Not much comments to make today, on the chartering market, which from my desk, is surely showing improvement and being rather firm. On the other hand, on the spot market Owners confidence does not feel to be followed by charterers willingness to pay up. Period activity on supras and […]

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