English ships or not

Positive sentiment overall in our drybulk market, bss yesterday’s index. Not sure it’s going to last with the UK out and view the first movements seen on various markets. For sure all indexes are on heading to the green, almost all routes whichever the size are going north. Is the summer season for drybulk finally here? Fixtures reported are still showing too low figures to stop Owners’ debt piling up, but let’s be positive, and assume it’s going the right way. Few days ago this fixture “Mayuree Naree ‘ 2008 30192 dwt dely Gibraltar prompt trip via Continent redel West Africa $6,000 daily – J Lauritzen”   would surely been done on aps terms. Meantime, WAFR remains an area where it’s not great to end up open… most of the options are then to ballast towards ECSA where the market (at least on Handies seems to be in owners’ favor, for time being) but this still means 10/13 days ballast.

From USG, Same AEC must be quite happy with this fixture, ‘AEC Diligence’ 2002 32189 dwt dely Texas Gulf prompt trip redel Mediterranean intention petcoke $10,250 daily” knowing they were seeing grains cargoes hardly giving tce close to 7’000 daily in the last weeks. If they managed to get a good compensation on the ILHOC clause, they’ve done well waiting.

Let’s wait and see for next week index, time for adjustment.

And finally if you’re wondering what the BREXIT means for the shipping industry, as always, in such case some believe it is the end of the World, some others see opportunities as changing situation always being synonym to opportunities. A good picture proposed here by Nicola Good

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