all about beans?

Trying to come back with some market comments. Don’t celebrate too much right now, I won’t come back on daily basis. But I’ll try to find a twice a week pace or something like this. Maybe more maybe less, I’m a free man ! And if you were part of those being happy not to have to read my daily prose, well don’t change anything just press the « delete » button which must be somewhere on your keyboard.

Some interesting info about ECSA Market today in BMTI. Line up of handies waiting to discharge american beans is representing 35 days now.  Kbeansnowing this might be the end – until another tweet from President Trump coming- of the rush to ECSA with US beans.

You’ll have notice China and USA are now again #BFF (Standing for « Best Friend Forever » on instagram (but you know that right ?)). We have been given to understand something like 30 cargoes (66kmt each = abt 2Million tons) being in the air to be booked (or booked already) of US beans to China for Q1 2019. Mainly done ex NOPAC. Still USG might be an option. Other rumors mentionning 5Millions tons shall be bought in total by china to USA.

We can see already chrtrs on the market with 66000 10pct stem hss to China.

In case you want to double check these info above you can still go on Bloomberg here

As a consequence, this shall probably boost Pacific Market and once again put a mess in the shipping world. As always there will be some winners and some losers but don’t be too worried right now. Trading markets are always loving when the on-going routine is challenged and the established balance is tested. Traders are calling this « Market opportunities » and or « volatility ». Shipowners shall do the same. All these changes could be an opportunity for a strong Q1, whichever the size/the area. Obviously we can still count on traders to play around and adapt their plans in case Shipping willing to go sky high.

Have a nice day



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