transition again

The ones of you being BMTI subsrcibers can find  a nice summary of the -almost- over 2016 on chartering. Maybe tomorrow BMTI will send us a nice summary of what’s going to happen in 2017 on BDI, BCI, BPI, BSI and BHSI. Let’s believe in it. BMTI is starting his review with these words : « 2016 […]

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speed is the limit (Part 2)

Not that long ago I was mentioning here the delta between how quick can the traders switch their decisions when it comes to origin from where they book their stems and the ships speed at sea. see here speed is the limit (part 1) You’ll have notice Thomas Coville, on his fabulous sail boat named […]

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pre christmas market report

It’s with great pleasure to realize in the last couple of days how creative and modern our industry is. Coming to the office today was really worth it. Reading the Greetings for the christmas period by emails coming from all over the world. Even offices based in countries where Christmas means at least as much […]

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speed is the limit

Sure you had a great day yesterday and you managed to cope with the international theme of the 21st dec, which is obviously also the first winter day. Chartering market is starting to be looking at 2017, on the bunkers it’s looking like the average for the crude price will be in the 50/60usd range.(something […]

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market fundamentals…

No much changes in the main fundamentals on the market. The little ones (Handies and Supras) have not finished they rally yet and Atlantic being the lead dog. Worth to notice today’s BHSI, HS3 ECSA to Skaw passero gaining 550points and heading towards the 13’000 mark while HS4 USG to Skaw Passero, still on the […]

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Ocean pollution, not on purpose

A kind of slow Friday is about to conclude the week. They’re still quite a lot of cargoes open and so ships but seems like the ones which have not been covered this week can wait for the days to come. On the atlantic, Owners remains with their strong ideas when charterers remain with the […]

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feed the sparrow

Did you notice, BHSI went up by 66% in the last 6 months. Ok 6 months ago BHSI was recovering after the deadfull spring we have been through in 2016. But still 66% remains a nice number. Atlantic remains the key market driver here. USG demand still fairly strong, reported today in the Baltic Dry […]

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this remains to be seen Hillary.

To merge definition is, according to Collins dictionnary : « If one thing merges with another, or is merged with another, they combine or come together to make one whole thing. You can also say that two things merge, or are merged » Collins and the whole web (I checked) are failing to explain me why this verb, -which by essence- needs at least a combination of […]

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