2018 drybulk shipping year in short

summary of -the about to end year-, based on indexes move.

In very short, all these 365 days to end up almost at the same place.

2nd january 2018                           24th december 2018

  • BDI  were at 1,230                        1,271
  • BCI  were at 2,281                         1,905
  • BPI  were at 1,340                         1,421
  • BSI  were at    901                             975
  • BHSI were at  612                             596

So in short, congratulations to all for your hard work but with all due respect, all these efforts for this fairly poor result ! That’s fairly annoying. Shall I suggest the whole shipping people to take a sabbatical year in 2019 ?

Alternatively in 2019 don’t make the confusion between working hard and working smart.

You’re welcome for the smart advise



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