stratospheric! you bet it is

« Stratospheric » is the word used this morning to describe the Capes movements by BMTI. It might be bit too much knowing Index related to this comment is only +76 and still below 1,800. Likewise today, BCI took a rest and added only +20pts. And you might accuse me to be cold feet but 1,219 on […]

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quote of the day, maybe of the week

 «Off the continent, Ultramax owners have already been talking a very high US$20,000 daily for baltic to the far East that involves ice-trading. But brokers warn that without ice-trading the rate may not be even as high as $US20,000 daily » Here we have the quote of the day, maybe even the week : «But brokers warn […]

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new buildings

No big move to report in comparison to last friday market report. Some would say “yeah, normal it’s a Monday, what did you expect?” as if it would be normal not to expect anything on a Monday (because it’ s the first day of the occidentalweek), likewise for the Friday (because, you would have guessed […]

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reading between the lines

“Capesizes ride on the whims of market emotion“, Bmti hired a poet today. A poet doing a nice analogy, putting together bitcoins roller coaster with Capes index. Not being a poet, I would have said, Capes and Bitcoins are behaving like chicken. Moving one way or the other, backward, forward, without any rational, just moving, […]

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short and sweet (sweet hopefully)

I’m not on strike of doing reports eventhough I’m french but I let you go through this one on your own. And let you go through this Bloomberg article. Also owners shall be worried (but not too much) when they realize GASC (Egyptian office in charge of wheat importation (Egypt being biggest wheat importer […]

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