BDI is up, next crop looking crap, what about my twix then?.

As you noticed this morning, 5 days in a row that BDI is going up and trust no owners will complain about such situation, well maybe the ones who decided to leave their ladies going on period or the ones who have put their ships in Lay up… Hopefully the latters will not decide yet to put back the engine on to try to be part of the party! Meantime rates seen are still hardly covering the opex costs, this might refrain the willingness to be back and running.

USG remains the place to be for this june end,  supras are “up by about USD 250 day-by day, heading to USD 12’200 for a trip to Cont/med”, for info yesterday’s BSI on the S4 USG trip to skaw passero being at 12138 + 241. Handys from same area gained USD 150 in one day to reach touch below USD8’000 (HS4 being at 7879 + 147). ECSA is also a hot spot, index on the BHSI heading toward 7’000, on the Supra, S9 (Wafr to Cont Med via ECSA) is above 6’000. To link these figures to some reported fixture

Ex USG, we have heard that Bunge took a 2007 built 55kdwat dely Dop Mobile for a 4/6 months period in the 11’000usd daily range. This to be compare with a modern 58kdwat being negotiated in the usd 8’500/8’600 daily dely Ivory Coast redel Emed via USG.

Ex ECSA Glencore being said fixed at 20usdpmt on this one which we have seen monday morning, seems to have been done fairly quickly 25.000 mts 10% hss bahía blanca – algeria (11.3 mtrs swad) 8000x bends lc 10-15 july, this is giving a tce around USD 7’250/7’500 sub obviously vsl’s specs.

CONTINENT/BALTIC is also managing his way to secure better rates for owners, better than what was done in previous weeks. Rouen to Algeria heading above 12usd again on 30000mt wheat stem, when for your records, mid june similar trade was discussed (and done) below 11.50usdpmt. Talking quickly about Panamax ex continent, surely some of you reading this report will know what to do with this fixture reported “Pmx Dely Rotterdam 75kdwt 2012 via pallice redel Spore/Japan Range w/ grains @ 9750usd/day” which shall equate to something in the High 10’s usdpmt bss 10000x bends on a 65’000mt stem with no restrictions.

In these areas mentionned above, it goes without saying (but I say it) it’s quite not a good option for charterers to have a spot requirement. almost the opposite happens in BLSEA, where the figures reported and seen are litterally crap. Yesterday BMTI was reporting a Midstar fixture from Niko to EgyptMed on 25 10pct wheat with 6000/5000 done at 10 usd which given the super high da’s in Niko, and bss Shinc at load, less than 2’000usd daily for owners bss dely Canakkale. BLSEA Market is not good but I think this Midstar fixture does not reflect exactly where this area standing. Knowing we got the info that a 32,000 dwt, del aps constanza 1 jul, tct, redel spain/med, region said being fixed USD 3’750 daily and again basis my nuclear energy abacus, this Glencore  (which hit the market on 23rd june) and reported fixed earlier this week at around 10usdpmt (dtls  35 10 agriprod sf abt 53′ june dates Ctza to rouen 8000x)  is still giving 4’100/4’250usd pdpr dely canakkale.

Appart from that?

  • On the grain market in Europe and even Black Sea, due to too much rain traders (and farmers and twix consumers) are fairly concerned about the quality of the wheat crop to come, which might end up to be crap.
  • Cofco’s appetite leading them to open a grain office in canada soon,unless the $200 million loss of Nidera will  change the plan
  • On the Shipyard side, platts saying shipyard perspective 1  and shipyard perspective 2

Let’s investigate!

as usual shall you need a hand for pricing and fixing or vice et versa, don’t be shy!


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