Ready to serve for the game?

Rather slow day today with on one side Greeks being off for « ash Monday » and Latinos preparing the Carnival. This does not prevent the future to go up and physical market heading up also (except Capers). Not so many fresh positions seen on the « atlantic » side of the shipping market and not so many fresh […]

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with $13 in your pocket can you buy freight for 1mt of wheat from Hamburg to Morocco?

To the question above the reply is not really, maybe if you have $400,000 in your pocket you can move 30,000mt but here the economy of scale is applying. Talking about continent : Bunge talking 11/12usdpmt for 30,000mt grains (wheat?) from Hamburg to Morocco for info, at 12usdpmt bss 8000/5000x this would give Time Charter equivalent […]

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all about love in shipping market?

According to our information, the ship which has been fixed for the Dunkirk to tunisia stem mentionned fixed for 26,000mt of bulk barley at us$ 18.25 is ballasting from Rades, perfect position being somehow in the middle of nowhere and anyway ballasting distance to swallow either to go to Black Sea  -about 1,00nm- or Dunkirk […]

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did you know?

« low 20usdpmt for 30’000mt grain from finland to Algeria » was mentionned yesterday. Taking Naantali being the loadport, knowing it’s a port subject to ice, basis 6,000 sshex at load and 2,500sshex at discharge would give to owners around $7,500 daily dely Skaw and putting aside ice risk and with no extra days for weather in […]

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chartering, what’s going on?

We could read in some market reports « in continent charterers (looking for handies) have a good choice of tonnage » and we have to say we tend to disagree with this statement. As yes, handies are around but we have also seen few cargoes emerging from Continent/baltic giving bit more choice to owners on their 28+kdwt. […]

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