will crossing fingers be enough?

When a 2012 57kdwt is reported being sold for Scrap it’s hard to believe Owners just decided to give a hand to the overall oversupplied market by scrapping a modern lady. Mv ‘Cheshire’ is the one and we can believe it took 8 months for the experts and underwriters to settle the case and define […]

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when the big guys start to starve…

… it’s not necessarly a good news for the skinny ones. Monday, quiet monday. So inviting you to read 1/financial times article about Clarkson’s deceptive performances ahead 2/Platts’ article about overall market poor performance, while I’m talking last friday about Market not in Olympic shape, Platts, having access to  obviously few more data than us, […]

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work hard train hard

If shipping market were in very good shape, with no difficulties it would  be stronger than any of his own excuses. Shipping market being not in Athletic nor Olympic shape, all excuses are good to try to explain why, so far, the results of 2018 are below expectations. Beginning of January it was “hang over […]

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this is shipping!

Few comments/ correction on what’s proposed by Bmti today… and yesterday. Let’s start with yesterday then A voyage fixture of 40,000-tonnes 10% stem from Up River to Algeria was booked at $30.75 with 8,000mt load and 5,000mt discharge and 5% total commission structure », looking like the terms of the fixture are 8,000mt bends also covered […]

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drybulk few market comments

For those who will read the BMTI, worth to mention, their opening for today’s report, while they say « Louis Dreyfus […] would be exiting Capesize market », it’s an annoucement made by Louis Dreyfus Armateur, the french based owners, not the Louis Dreyfus Company, the other one, well known as a trader (and ship operator also). […]

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not too much excitment please

Market’s looking for some excitment. Excitment is not on the handies in the Atlantic Basin, beside, maybe the ECSA area which is somehow in a good shape. Just need to believe in it and forget about today’s index being down from this route. As a natural counter effect, the HS1 and HS2 (ex skaw-pass) are […]

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