drybulk shipping market. Mercyless competition

Difficult to bring some good news in this depressed freight market in the drybulk sector. Such market drop was obviously not anticipated much by much players in the industry. Of course, we all know Q1 is always a difficult time of the year. For 2019 we shall add « very » in front of « difficult ». The competition […]


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happy and prosperous year

This is the time of the year when polite people are sending their best wishes to their contacts for the new year. The etiquette is ruling you have until 31st jan to make and pass these wishes. Funnily enough the etiquette does not impose anybody to really mean -or not- the wishes you’re adressing to […]

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2018 drybulk shipping year in short

summary of -the about to end year-, based on indexes move. In very short, all these 365 days to end up almost at the same place. 2nd january 2018                           24th december 2018 BDI  were at 1,230                        1,271 BCI  were at 2,281                         1,905 BPI  were at 1,340                         1,421 BSI  were at    901       […]

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all about beans?

Trying to come back with some market comments. Don’t celebrate too much right now, I won’t come back on daily basis. But I’ll try to find a twice a week pace or something like this. Maybe more maybe less, I’m a free man ! And if you were part of those being happy not to have […]

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shipping and social networks

After a rather long break on this blog, with nothing published in the last month*, I’m back with something which inspired me today and happy to share. (*not that nothing happened in the daily chartering side but somehow, it’s always the same mechanics which are occuring in the chartering. And commenting on daily basis the […]

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is black sea colour really black?

The black sea revival on the supras and bigger ladies mentionned yesterday is looking like to be quite concrete. Mainly these grains cargoes are heading to FEAST / ASIA and despite few may believe this upward will sooner or later impact also the handies, I am, bit more doubtful. Right now too many handies are […]

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All is a matter of perspective

I could read in yesterday’s BMTI report « desperate owners w a vessel open Algeria tried to attract scrap chrtrs at $9,500 faily from algeria via continent to East Med ». To me such owners open w/ a handy in Algeria coming at this level is everything but not desperate. BRAVE would be a more accurate way […]

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