Shipping + communication = 3

First let me start my today’s report with a huge big up to IMO. They deserve quite a nice one, thanks to the great communication work they have done to promote internationally and heavily the yesterday’s « IMO World Maritime Day », it was held on 29th september 2016, with quite a nice and interesting theme being […]

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on your marks, get set

On your marks, get set… Waiting for the « Go » order is probably owners state of mind right now, the ones open in EMED/BLSEA on spot prompt basis. With Egypt back on the wheat market yesterday afternoon, with guaranteed by the receivers (it still remains to be seen) tolerance on Ergot content being back to international […]

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21st sept : themes of the day.

Amusing -not sure if it is the right word- to note that today’s 21st september is both International Peace’s day and at the same time International Alzheimer’s Day. Is the timing a coincidence ? I bet no, surely one has forgotten about the other or one prefers to forget about the other. Anyway we are here […]

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idiots never die…

Chartering market is clearly driven by the Capers, almost +200 in the BDI index dated friday, today again +173. Today, all indexes are in green and showing a positive trend. + 1 on the handies or supra, remain something positive. And nowadays, it’s important to be positive, otherwise, no point to go to office. If […]

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looking for the next king of Egypt

  We have not talked yet about Bayer/Monsanto new set up. If you’re not up to date please find a quick summary  here in this article we can read “We are entering a new era in agriculture — one with significant challenges that demand new, sustainable solutions and technologies to enable growers to produce more […]

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tough time, time to be creative

Good day, good morning, Quite a limited access to market information today, as in our constant willingness to improve our service our IT system is being redefined and upgraded. Maybe nicer and quicker computers will help me fixing while I’m at the beach. Bit like the Automous ship, by 2035 fixtures will get done electronically […]

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market at a stop?

History is just a matter of scale. We can therefore say, today’s BMTI report is historical and the introducing text is perfect “For the first time of this month, Capesizes show some signs of calming…” In other words, the Capers rally lasted for about 12 days. Good news for owners on the short term, Oil […]

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bull on the wall?

An easy way to summarize today would be to say “as a usual Monday, it’s a slow Monday”. It’s been the truth… So what shall I add to that? Well, on the grains world, it is very likely that usual trades we have been seeing in the last years will move and be different. Australian […]

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