21st sept : themes of the day.

Amusing -not sure if it is the right word- to note that today’s 21st september is both International Peace’s day and at the same time International Alzheimer’s Day. Is the timing a coincidence ? I bet no, surely one has forgotten about the other or one prefers to forget about the other. Anyway we are here to talk about important things right ? Shipping, Trading, Chartering, Fixing.

Once again, I find it rather difficult to get the inspiration today to make some chartering market comments based on various discussions I have with our counter parties or while reading Chartering market reports.

Yes, we can agree with this statement on Panamaxes « slowly but surely they are emerging from the shadows ». At first sight, looking only at the BPI, being only up with 7points yesterday and +16 today , Panamaxes are not yet to be tanned, but focusing on the various routes, the skaw gib transatlantic round voyage was gaining +91pts, today +146, the skaw Gib to Taiwan/Japan route gaining +54  compared to today +175 and this route is now back above 10’000$ daily value and the transpacific round voyage was up by 70pts yesterday, up by 200 today. This seems to be enough for some positive sentiments. I would not be able to tell if this upward on the Panamaxes is the logical next step after the Capers being up quite heavily but one is surely going with the other (bit like 21st september international theme of the day).

Talking about the capers, they keep up going up as today, the BCI is above 2000, heading to 2118. For your records, on 1st of september BCI was at 1’002 and yes today’s it fairly difficult to remember when was the last time BCI was above the 2100 points. I’ll check for tomorrow report.

The Baltic exchange panellists are not bringing enough good news to see the same upward on the Supras (today +2) and the handies (today +1). Again, worth to go a bit into details, HS3 (Ecsa to Skaw pass) is back on positive trend with +120 heading at 5’483$ daily. BSI routes are all in positive mood except the S4A USg to Skaw pass, getting back below 9000$ daily, and losing 90pts today.

Surely, these figures and this general positive trend feelings will bring some confidence to owners whichever the size, whichever the trade and they’ll keep trying to resist to charterers ideas. I would not be a broker, I would have said, at some stage they have to resist, as it is a matter of being in position to see the 2017 year from the window of their office. But, I’m a broker and I can’t say or write it otherwise, charterers would challenge me and ask me from where do I get my commissions from. So to avoid this unpleasant question I don’t say and don’t write it, I don’t  even dare to think about this suggestion.

Talking about « going through Q4 2016 and being in position to see 2017 », we could read that RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) « might wound down its shipping business but not sell it, 5 Billion Dollars worth of its loan portfolio – three billion involving Greek loans »

Chartering market might have read this article about shipyards difficulties hard time for Korean shipyards. Buying a second hand ship in February/March this year was said to be a very good timing. Q4 could be even a better one.

To end up with chartering, 2 comparable handies reported fixed from Continent to USG with 1 week in between means $1’500 difference daily, difference in favor of the later one fixed. Maestro Diamond, said gone at 7’000$ daily from N Spain to usg via baltic, may also most probably bring owners to consider Baltic to Wmed at least in the 8’000usd daily.

Have a peaceful day and don’t forget we are at your disposal.


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