idiots never die…

Chartering market is clearly driven by the Capers, almost +200 in the BDI index dated friday, today again +173. Today, all indexes are in green and showing a positive trend. + 1 on the handies or supra, remain something positive. And nowadays, it’s important to be positive, otherwise, no point to go to office.

If you’re missing some really negative view on the market, then we invite you to read today’s BMTI section called « The point of no Return ». It’s abyssimally negative. please find few quotes here:

  • “shipping industry is in financially bad and dangerous shape”
  • “the situation has become increasingly more fragile”
  • “steadily building a huge pile of uncontrollable debt”
  • “idiots never die”
  • People don’t seem to learn from mistakes”

Of course, the worth is that we will need to cope with idiots for eternity!!

Is it reflecting exactly the state of the market ? I don’t know, but surely an upward on the chartering market for this Q4 will be more than welcomed by Owners.

On the handies, very limited amount of fixtures came up to our ears Friday and today. We understood Bunge did 16+ usdpmt from Hamburg to Algeria with 2500x out and usual restrictions. From the continent, scrap cargoes trying to keep Supras busy, DOP figures are obtained by owners, but the daily hire is remaining below the 9’000usd daily, for a trip with redely in EMED for candidates open in ARAG, down around 6kusd pdpr for ladies coming from West Med. Ultramaxes in the Black Sea region are obtain around 10’000 passing canakkale on average for trip with redely in the Pacific Basin. From ECSA, modern 56000dwat open south Brazil has obtain 9kusd daily aps Recalada for a trip to Algeria.

Talking quickly about wheat, gasc today’s tender remaining with no offer as none willing to commit themselves with no ergot in the stem. This is having surely an impact on the wheat price but also on the shipping sector, knowing Egypt is the main wheat importer in the world, and most of these are coming from russia. In case you’re interested to have a wheat world picture, you can read this article here Wheat world

Alternatively, if you don’t have access, please find attached few charts from this article



Remaining at your disposal for the recipes of nice french baguette



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