happy and prosperous year

This is the time of the year when polite people are sending their best wishes to their contacts for the new year. The etiquette is ruling you have until 31st jan to make and pass these wishes. Funnily enough the etiquette does not impose anybody to really mean -or not- the wishes you’re adressing to others. And now I come to my point, I’m always surprised when, as a good broker, while I’m standing between Owners and Charterers and realizing they’re wishing each others an happy and prosperous year. Yes you read it, « prosperous year». No joke.

« Prosperity » is about growing business, making some profit at some point right ? Either nobody really have the exact meaning of this word or people get confused between being polite and disrespectful. Or more likely, each parties are wishing the other to be prosperous, but on the business on which themselves are not involved. Could be that. « I wish you a prosperous year » with the unsaid behind « propsperous, but while you make good profit, I’ll do my best it won’t be done over my misfortune ! »

Talking about prosperity for the 1st two weeks of 2019 in shipping is somehow, weired, I know. I’m like you. Wearing an helmet, in case the indexes falling on my head. Market, least to say is quite hangover right now and to my point of view fairly difficult to read. How shall we evaluate a biz to be executed within 2 weeks ? 4 weeks ? Where will the bunkers be ? Is it reasonable to be conservative on the falling ? To the contrary, will the rebound be fast and sooner than expected ?

Right now, charterers are, generally speaking in a comfortable chair. Eventhough they don’t want to enter into dutch auction, we have seen here few owners revising down their initial -reasonable- indication, simply to try to get charterers’ attention.

Do you think the broker who fixed this one (seen in one of our reports last Monday) « 57kdwt built 2009 open zhoushan ppt, del aps bayuquan 8th jan, tct w/ steels and gens, dur abt 65 dys, redel antwerp, USD 2,650 for first 65 dys $10,000 thereafter » concluded his clean fixture recap with « many thanks for your support leading to this fixture and once again let me take the opportunity of this message to wish you all an happy and prosperous year in 2019 » ?

Well, I would have been the broker fixing this superb (commissionwise) business, I would have wrote it. Brokers to be able to be here the following year and still be in position to spread their good wishes, need, among other things, to have prosperous principals, whichever it costs.

You would have understood, I take the opportunity of this today’s report to wish you all, a lovely and lively year. Be sure, we’ll do our outmost to help you being prosperous. And don’t forget, to be in position to help you at our best, we need to see your ships, your cargoes. Preferably before our competitors (not to say exclusively, but still you can do it). Many thanks in advance. Prosperity, has to start from somewhere.


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