Tough to be a ShipOwners nowadays

What’s hot today ? Let me try in the next days, to come back and comment the Bimco Report dated 6th october which again is full of good information and their analsysis, eventhough I strongly believe it can be discussed on some points is in any case worth to comment.   Let’s start with this assessement […]

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highest industry standard

No matter whether you’re a big one or just a small player. Samsung was surely not expecting this possibility to be up and running, and so Rio Tinto! Rio Tinto is moving hundreds of million of tons of cargoes through the sea every year. Is it because they are a major player in this industry […]

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trying to find opportunity

Today’s weighted time charter Average on the Handies is still on decline at 5915usd daily, No route above 6’600usd The spread between the best one (HS6 @ 6’539) and the worse one ( HS3 @ 5’164) is only showing 1’375usd daily difference. The only route up is the HS4 (usg to skw pass, up by […]

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boringly flat

Today’s Bdi (dtd 4th october) is showing -4pts on the BDI, -1 on BCI, -8 on BPI, flat on BSI and -2 on BHSI… this is kind of flat ! and a flat market is probably the worst one for brokers. It’s fairly boring. I never thought I would have written this in my life : « Chinese, […]

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