there will be blood at sea?

nicer to put a picture of the cranberries harvest, looking like “blood at sea” rather than real sea coloured by whales blood which happens once a year also in Europe. 10 days without any market reports from here, in 2017, with Mobile device, digital connections seems like an eternity right ? I’m sure you all managed […]

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shipping a circular economy?

Let’s run some maths today, being fairly quiet here in France has locals watching the Trump Défilé in Paris and celebrating national day in France. This fixture reported today in the BDI is worth to be evaluated on voyage equivalent. Ex ECSA ‘Pola Atlantic’ 2010 33465 dwt dely S Brazil 16/20 Jul trip W Mediterranean […]

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Momentum in Atlantic on handies

Good day, Who knows, maybe atlantic market on the handies was awaiting for Jerome to take a week off to gain some momentum. According to BMTI (and also from what we can see), BLSEA handy market is sparkling, with grains being in the starting blocks for the new crop and charterers seems to have secured […]

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