how strawberries used to be shipped?

Good day, good morning,

Sorry I don’t have much clever things to say today about the chartering market. I could paraphrase the BDI easily with words such like “all indexes moving up to North” with a questionnable sentiment on the handies and supras in Atlantic, where it seems indexes are bit behind the reality of the market”. But in reality I don’t have much info in hands which I can disclose or which are enough to be able to guess for a near future trend.

So I let you make up your own opinion and will mention you few things about the bunkers and grains and food


If true, Owners might once again have been taken for a ride. Despite the Dutch ports being fairly well known for cheap bunkers, the local Consumer Authority is investigating into a ‘possible cartel in the bunker sector in the ports of Amsterdam, Antwerp and Rotterdam”. This “cartel” might be the only solution for bunkers players to be able to still make money out of their business. Today, a barrel of WTI for August delivery was traded at $45.23. Our friends, the experts, are now working on the hypothesis oil prices won’t recover before 2020. 2020, seems far away but reminding you we are already mid 2017, so A/ yes time is flying B/ 2020 is somehow tomorrow.


Any owners of drybulk carrier playing from handies up to panamaxes shall have noticed Egypt is a kind of a big grain importer, in the financial year, they imported 5.58Millions tons (something like more than 100 supras) , the plan for the Egyptian authority, is to make savings (rest re assured savings seems not to make the population starve (at least this is not presented this way)). Gasc would like to cut imports by something like 10% . Look at info here . If they manage to do so, no doubt it will have an impact on the chartering market and so on the commodity trading market.


lucky you, today, ships have to feed 7.6billion people, by 2050 it will be (projected) 9.8billion (you appreciate I’m not saying “about 10billion people”, as the gap between 9.8 and 10 is still 200Million mouths to feed). You can read this survey here to make plans about your future trading routes. But don’t believe it’s going to be an easy path, look at this french start-up managed by Gonzague and Guillaume, these guys are growing strawberries in recycled containers based downtown. What if tomorrow their business model and future innovation is making Egypt able to grow their own wheat in Le Caire and around and get rid off the the millions tons yearly imported. What will we do with our 110 supras?

Waiting for this, should you have a supra to fix, please let us know we have few cargoes for her



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