is shipping industry comparable to the bee social set up?

Is shipping industry model like the bees set up ? bizarre question? not that much.

The bees set up:

One queen and thousands of workers around able to be here, live and survive thanks to the Queen. Living for one goal, pleased the queen.

Can we take then as granted?

In shipping industry, the Queen is the ship. By essence of our industry (otherwise we would have called our industry « moving commodities by the sea », which is not the case, yet !)the ship is in the center, all other people (companies, suppliers in our case) around exist, live, survive, thanks to the ship itself (eventhough we’ve been in a « charterers » market in the last 9 years). On this basis, you should really read this article proposed by Hellenicshipping which is also summarized in today’s BMTI.

 « Death of pure Owner Model », and the complete point of view of Mr Surinder Brrar, Director, Chartering Pacific or Pacific Basin Shipping

If the Owners model is changing, there is absolute no reason why the model of all the workers (suppliers) around will not be impacted by this change.

Charterers, brokers, bunkers providers, agents, insurers… All these business models will then at some stage need to adapt themselves to the new needs/queries of their Queens.

Less owners (managing more ships) will obviously impact the whole system. As mister Brrar’s saying this will not happen by a snap of fingers but should he be right, the traditional way of running business will be very different in the next years. Lot of readers in copy have been in the business for more than a couple of decades, they already know the way business is conducted today is far away from what they’ve been experiencing in the past, it seems the (r)evolution of our shipping experience is not yet arrived to maturity.

The good part of it? it might become more exciting.

the challenge? is to be actually here, in the next years with business up and running, to experience the next changes (let’s be crazy and say “to lead the change”, if we are not too old already)

I’m not a beekeeper but my uncle is. I’ll give him a call this week-end to discuss with him about the new psychology of the modern bees so I’m prepared for the next decade changes in the shipping world.

Waiting for the results of my chat with Gerard (my beekeeper uncle), still Pacific Basin, still, some quarterly results are proposed here

« With these key figures here « Average handysize and supramax TCE earnings of $7,920 and $8,920 a day were up 30% and 51% respectively year-on-year and outperformed their relevant indices by 20% and 11% respectively, the group said ».

On a more day to day prospective, on the handies, in Atlantic/blsea we are in a real « spot market ». where owners waiting for the very last minute to accept charterers low freight/tce proposals. Today’s BDI, we are not getting close to the +1,300points needed mentionned yesterday and we can wonder if Owners keen to give away their ships on period, are they « pure Owners Model » or what ?

Have a nice week-end and don’t forget to be nice with the bees, they’re somehow your partners on the road to success.


Jerome (Promised I did not smoke any funny cigaret or anything like)

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