In theory shipping is simple

« Theory is when you know everything but nothing works. Practice is when everything works but no one knows why. In Shipping nowadays, theory and practice are combined : nothing works and no one knows why ». This could be the summary of today’s sentiment on the shipping/chartering market. At least here ! We are often asked to give […]

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Shipping from Germany to Greece?

Quiet Monday with Greeks (among others) being off. But Greeks are weighting from 17% to 20% (depending who’s calculating. If it’s Clarksons, they weight 17%, if it Greek Shipowners assocation the weight is at 20%) of the overall fleet at sea. You can find the full article here. Worth to note also, German shipowners seems […]

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Figures matter. no little profit

If you had a chance to read Bmti’s report today, the “from the desk of a continental shipbroker”, Klaipeda looking like the main focus from this shipbroker (not to mention the name of the charterers). So Fertz ex Klaipeda to Up River fixed around $28/mt bss 1-1 could be this biz which we saw on […]

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Deadpool and shipping are the same

MOVE OR DIE This is the advise Cable is giving to his ennemy, namely Deadpool, while holding a huge gun. Move or Die could also be the advise which to apply to shipowners nowadays. Don’t make too many assumptions about where you should consider redelivering your ship. Will it be right or wrong timing, right […]

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Shipping market (Pela)gossips

Usual Friday Baltic Briefing report which you can find here where you can read in the handy section « […] opinions were divided over EC South America, and a 38,000-dwt was rumoured fixed at around $12,500 levels for a trip to Morocco but further details were not confirmed. » Could it be this fixture seen here ? « mv interlink […]

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deeds not words for shipping!

Same subject two different approaches. On one side Bmti proposing their analysis about the trade war – war of words and deeds- Between USA and China While on the same subject Bimco is proposing here their analysis and which impact this could lead on containers Ships but also on the drybulk industry. trade war?! Waiting […]

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