last market report before holidays.

  Norden has published their results for H16 and according to these results, the board shall be one of many others welcoming the upward summer turn on the market. norden results, If you’re too lazy, busy, to read full article, please find below main interesting figures/facts for this Company taken out of this article: “Group net […]

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Back on track… have a drink

“Back on track” can be the summary of what we are seeing today on the chartering market. Owners and their brokers are back in front of their desk and for a change we have now charterers calling to get some sort of ideas on what’s going on. Almost all fresh cargoes proposed on the market […]

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no clue part 2

What’s a good report? A document which is found informative but without to much boring information, otherwise the report is remaining unread. So need to add something in so it becomes kind off entertaining. So let’s start with the information: Market is generally speaking moving upward still and again. Capes are said to be “with […]

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I have found that friend

It seems market do not really know where to go. Up? Down? remain where it is now? If I were to describe chartering market with some simple words, words I can easily  understand, (I’ m a simple guy, maybe even simplist) , let me ask you -have you ever seen a cat on a burning […]

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marketing in chartering and shipping

Once again not much to say, at first sight, about the chartering spot/prompt market. The summary is here, about yesterday’s index Our analysis BDI gets another zero change blob..either the index is dead or we are — SKVM Shipping (@SKVMShipping) August 8, 2016 Not that there is nothing to do, nor that we don’t try/discuss […]

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8th aug. International cat day. Is it good news for shipping? It has to be

8th august. “Difficult times these for all tonnage types with the ‘more cargo needed if further losses are not to be seen’ comment on most market reports. What for the future? Well certainly Owners/ Operators continue to be optimistic for 4th quarter and beyond with some suggesting that once the Olympics are over there will […]

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