tips for Eisbein again

Shall we put slow chartering activity, which seems to be softening, on the shoulders of Slovenia’s being off today, together with Germans and Chilean ? Or as mentionned yesterday, as usual when market trend is showing some signs of easing, parties involved having a different interpretation on how fast the market is cooling down leading to […]

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thank God… shipping thought

Are you one of the happy few receiving the Alhpabulk weekly newsletter? Either because you subscribed or because you are part of their “free sample program to attract new subscribers“? We are one of those and this week our attention have been caught by their “topic of the week“, under the catching eye title “The […]

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Drybulk shipping market some facts

In case you’re wondering why shipping market is enjoying a nice rally, which may last until the end of the year source Bloomberg  : “Iron ore imports by China surge above 100 million metric tons to a record […] up to 102.8Millions tons ind September from 93 millions ton a year ago[…] putting full-year purchases […]

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