as brokers only, not responsible

The purpose of broker in the shipping industry means sharing information we see on the market, means also giving an opinion when we are asked for it and finally bring anything which we believe is helping owners and charterers to take up their decisions. Purpose of this blog is to try to find the right balance between pure chartering activity:

  • “who is fixing what?
  • “at what freight?”

Then I try to take a view on the Shipping market as a whole

  • “why the market is in this situation?”
  • “where it is coming from?”
  • “where will it go?”.

Based on various information read here and there, the market digest proposed in these pages is reflecting solely my opinion and my view.

I tend to agree with everything written which is already a good start, in case of doubt or disagreement with the statements made please feel free to comment or bring your own point of view.

As a good broker, all the pages are to be understood and read on the basis

“as brokers only, not responsible”.


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