Size matters – 28kdwat index type hardly competitive

this one being mentionned by BMTI “55000 BLK NPK VENTSPILS/KOHSICHANG with charterers targetting low 20usdpmt with quick terms”  knowing the cargo is as follow “2/6 JULY 8000 SHINC/10000 SHINC  5% ROUTING VIA SUEZ ONLY”. I will not share the tc equivalent I have ended up with (not quite sure of my results to be honest), but playing a bit with the figures, for sure, via Suez it’s about 10 days shorter and owners have to insert in his costs going through Suez canal plus extra insurance for going through the Aden Gulf. The bill can go easily up to 250’000usd via Suez, while 10 days at sea at today’s bunkers level and daily hire is definitly calculating better (or let’s say less worth) for owners. At 25usdpmt, owners likely to make daily USD1’000 more via Cape Of Good Hope, on a 70days duration (via COGH again) it starts to make a kind of difference at the end. Can we say it’s a wonderful market for charterers? They can ask for the routine (via Suez Only) and not really pay for a premium (unless the premium is already integrated into the low 20usdpmt ideas). In the meantime, a 55kdwat is rumoured being fixed aps Greece to USEC with Cement at USD 3’500 daily as an explanation for such low figure, the route S4A (USG to Skaw Passero) index is giving value 11’488 daily (+100pts).  On the Handy size, again back to BMTI mentionning 28kdwat in the East seeing USD 3’750 daily for a trip from Spore to China when owners aiming USD 5’000/ day, compared to owners of a 34kdwat keen to let the ship go at USD 4’250 for the same biz. The smaller one might be worth to be considered with a closer look from chrtrs, assuming she fits better in their requirements however today’s handies index types are found very difficult to be traded correctly by owners. The standard handy stem has move up to 30’000 mt 10pct when not that long ago it was 25’000mt 10pct. Hard to compete with a 28kdwat against these modern shallow 33/34kdwat. And unless there are some very specific restrictions in one of the ports beside the draft, the 34kdwat usually giving a better ROI. Ex Blsea, a 34’000dwat is rated by charterers at USD 3’000 for a trip to Span Med, running a quick estimate here, bss dely Canakkale redel Tarragona via constanza with 8000sshex bends with a 30’000 10pct stem of agri prods is leading to an equivalent on voyage bss at 9.25/9.50usdpmt sub vsl’s specs and assuming the 34kdwat is able to load 32’000mt. Same biz calculated on a 28kdwat able hardly to load 27’000mt, would calculate 0.50/0.75usd pmt more.

What else?

Egypt Prime Minister is about (or done already) to sign a decree allowing wheat shipments with up to 0.05% levels of ergot fungus, if you’re a fan of Egypt wheat importation, you can read the article here


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