Ore business being not Golden one.

Quite a bit of activity on the Capers side, just go through the list of fixtures Pacific Ore voyage ex australia to Qingdao are done in between US$ 4.50 up to US$ 5.10/mt depending on the terms.  Knowing US$ 0.60/mt on this size means 100’000usd. on the Panamax, from Blsea, basis our tce estimate, to Jeddah with grains, chrtrs talking US$ 6’500/6’700 daily when owners are more in a US$ 7’500 mood. This US$ 1’000 gap being about US$0.50/mt when converted into our voyage calculations, cargo seems now gone on subs but final freight is not disclosed. Supras still ex blsea, to USG, BMTI states owners of a 58kdwat willing US$ 5’000 when charterers are more into  a half that price mood. This to be compared with info we got on Ultramax done dop Hereke to USG @ US$ 3’500 or so. On the handies, handymax, still ex blsea, a ship was rumored gone in the 3’000usd daily range for a trip to Egypt, another one 34kdwat blt 2011 to Israel is said being done Dop Illychevsk at US$5’000 daily. Israel being surely worth a premuim.

Handies still, Plate to WCSA, charterers keen to do US$ 8K daily seems kind off market level (probably still fairly sharp). Same destination but ex Bandar Abbas charterers talking low-mid 20usdpmt, which according to BMTI is something like US$ 2’000 daily! quite not attractive for WCSA.

For all of the above figures, we shall not forget bunkers are up, barrel is fetching close to 53usd

now on the commodity side:

Egypt is back with his 0 tolerance on the ergot on the wheat.


Lucky shippers, this ship is loaded with Maize


French wheat next crop under high attention due to the last rains. When Port of Rouen declared having shipped 186’850mt of soft wheat last week. Wondering if 250’000 could have been achieved without strikes! Russian wheat provisional crop at 64mmt (previous record 63.8) .

Let’s see what next week will propose.


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