“fix and forget” vs “fix to forget”

thoughts of the day before you all go after champagne and Christmas festivities.

Some are very good with the “fix and forget” concept. Which as all of you know, is quite often related to the brokers, who would die and sell his/her (yes a broker can also be a woman) mother to fix this ship together with this cargo. When you talk to this broker, it’s lovely, you feel like (s)he is 100% dedicated to your issue, ie finding the perfect ship for this cargo or finding the perfect cargo for this ship.

This brokers is so helpful you are therefore so grateful to him/her when the fixture is done. And once done, your best broker ever, out of a sudden, in the 5 minutes (sometimes even 2) after the subs being lifted, this lovely broker don’t even remember the name of the ship, nor the loading port, nor the main important terms which are agreed and you have to chase Brokers’ desk operation department (when there is one) to beg for some follow up and some nice post-fixing advises.

This is the “fix and forget” summary… you see it’s also a book but afraid nothing related to shipping


Have you ever heard of the “fix to forget” concept?

No… let’s adress this the “fix to forget” concept is more related to the principals (but not always). The principals sometimes go to the “fix to forget” concept, just because they are left with not much choice.

Owners’ have to fix at $10,000 daily their ship when they were hoping few days earlier to be able to get at least $13,000 daily in their pockets. But no the market went the wrong way, cheap competitor gave away their tonnage for peanuts and made their best to screw other Owners’ hopes.

Likewise, Charterers’ have to fix at $40pmt when couple of days earlier they were offered $38pmt but they were having the feeling market will keep going down. But no, their stupid competitors gave away on same buisness $40.50 and still they have to be happy to fix at $40 and remain within their books. In these specific scenarios, principals have to “fix to forget”, fix to forget they can’t beat the market. Fix to forget they missread the market and yes sometimes this is happening.

I personnally know few brokers, who are “fixing to forget“. Fixing to forget they’re spending their whole life in front of a computer, scrolling down 3,500 emails/day, fixing to forget they have absolute no social life, no friends, no nothing. Nothing else then their lovely computer (and Iphone X). Funnily these brokers are also quite good to combine 1st the “fix to forget” concept closely followed with the “fix and forget” concept described above.

The above is to tell you a bit more about what’s going on in shipping. As of course none of the readers of these daily (or so) market reports shall recognize themselves in these concepts. You’re the best of the best, the cream of the crop. You never missread the market as you DO the market. You never have to “fix to forget” because you have so many friends, you have such a nice lifestyle (I can see that on your instagram account) and on top you know how to chose your brokers, proof is, Pelagos is part of your panel.

This to say, and it’s usually time of the year do to so, we really enjoy your support, we really enjoy the information you’re providing us, we really enjoy fixing your ships and cargoes and we thank you for believing we are the right ones to be able to serve you to the best of your interests. We do our best never to fix and forget, we never fix to forget and we love once the fixture is done to get as an award “thank you very much for this fixture“. This is making our day, our week, our month, our year… And the commissions? it simply helps to pay the bills (and the school for the kids bills’ too, thank you for them)…

Have a lovely Christmas time, enjoy this time of the year with your beloved one, and please, don’t forget, we are here next week to keep up working on it!

All the best and merry christmas to all of you. and should you feel like in needs for recipes for Sunday evening, go here http://fix-itandforget-it.com/blog/

you’re welcome


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