insightful shipping market comments, as always*

For sure, you’re wondering about what’s coming next, in 2018. How you should kick off 2018? Sure you don’t need my advises for the next hours before the closing on 2017 and the start of 2018 (ie when you poor yourself another drink and you don’t even want to wonder if it’s reasonable or not). Surely, my advises will be fairly useless anyway as I would most probably encourage you for another drink(and if you have to drive back home I might steal your car’s key).

Once again, BMTI is proposing some good reviews on the 2017 activity. The one dated on 28th dec is about coasters and containers, the one dated today is about commodities prices, oil prices, and performance of the listed shipowners Companies in the NASDAQ, view the price/share, let’s believe 2018 will hardly be worse than 2017 for these guys.

And maybe you should consider subscribing to BMTI in 2018, they are doing great piece of market analysis on daily basis, and I can tell you, it’s not easy every day!

Also, you can go through this Bloomberg article and you’ll realize, it’s not easy neither nowadays to be a shipping magnate. A daily battle**, I’m telling you (well Bloomberg’s telling us).  Could be scary to read “in 2014[…]the company’s market value dived from a peak of $22billion to the previous year to settle at about $120 million”… looking like not only ice is melting.


daily battle is quite fashion (was in 2017, what about 2018? we shall ask Kim K her opinion, she’s an expert)

How 2018 will look like? no better plan than asking to all our friends experts their opinion, see here , with some eye catching phrases picked up here and some insightful comments I can make (or vice & versa about the eye catching and insightful comments)

  • “the first check point for drybulk is around the corner”…

–>So I can only advise you my friends not to leave any unturned stones and stop being patient. Open your eyes, know where to look at.

  • “2018 will signal the end of the panamax segment”…

–>Sure this is said by a shipowners who invested massively in Ultramax

  • “hope for the best but prepare for the worst”…

–>this one is very useful. Guys, buy an umbrella and sunglasses, wear your belt and braces, don’t drink and drive and all shall be ok for 2018, just be prepared.

  • “we are going to see the introduction of solutions to begin transition to a new ecosystem of smart solutions”

–>whaou! can’t wait for this “ecosystem of smart solution. (2017 was about dumb solutions as we all know)

Finally, I don’t know if splash247 did it on purpose but the article they published just before the “themes that will dominate shipping in 2018” is called “where are the visionary maritime leaders?”… hey, stop wondering, the reply just arrived just above thanks to our experts. Should you wonder, still, where are the visionary maritime leaders, then you can read this one:

I’m not an expert, far from here, I’m still fairly sure next Tuesday, will be fairly similar to this Friday and if you’re asking me, I find this quite reassuring. Yes we shall expect some changes in 2018, our side we’ll try only to improve the service we are able to provide you on daily basis and we have to face it, it won’t change the picture of the Maritime and Chartering World, but let’s believe it will somehow contribute to a succesful year for all of you reading these reports, and for us, it’s already a good start.

have a nice end of the year if you’re not chinese, if you are, then be patient, you’ll have your turn to celebrate soon. And you can still have a cup of champagne or two, to train for your next festivities.



*trying to, at least

**and no, here the daily battle is not about the handy tote bag

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