shipping and drybulk -few thoughts and comments- (and Tce/voyage estimates)

The fixture mentionned by BMTI « another 33/34,000 dwt has been fixedbelow US$10,000 daily for a trip to Med » is most probably this fixture mentionned this afternoon in the Baltex. Mv ‘Emerald Bay’ 2008 built 32,258dwt dely USG prompt redel Tunisia intention Grains at US$9,500 »…   Having found back my famous old school abacus, I’ve run an […]

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When shipOwners have a super idea

Are capes in revival mood ? Looking like, at least on the index. And Capes are the main driver for the BDI raise, see below the moves 7th june           vs        29th may         vs        14th May BDI     1,395               vs        1,057               vs        1,476 BCI     2,220               vs        1,324               vs        2,635 BPI     1,344               vs        1,163               […]

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share your plate. (if you want)

We have talked quite a bit in the last weeks about the Owners and the arsh figures they’re getting on their plate. Some may believe such situation would be a nice opportunity for Operators to jump in and take benefit from low market to secure cheap ships and then trade them on the market, either […]

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In theory shipping is simple

« Theory is when you know everything but nothing works. Practice is when everything works but no one knows why. In Shipping nowadays, theory and practice are combined : nothing works and no one knows why ». This could be the summary of today’s sentiment on the shipping/chartering market. At least here ! We are often asked to give […]

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Shipping from Germany to Greece?

Quiet Monday with Greeks (among others) being off. But Greeks are weighting from 17% to 20% (depending who’s calculating. If it’s Clarksons, they weight 17%, if it Greek Shipowners assocation the weight is at 20%) of the overall fleet at sea. You can find the full article here. Worth to note also, German shipowners seems […]

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