super market is not for super shipping -yet-

« $8,250 daily agreed on a 33/35000dwt from Rouen to Algeria » shall bring on the basis of 10,000x at load / 2,500x at discharge with 32’sw in Algeria somewhere between $18.00pmt and $18.50pmt sub intake and vessel’s specs. Couple of operators are seen on the market for this requirement, trust, cargoes booked from charterers back in May (or April).

Black Sea, on 28kdwt index type, charterers are more into $6,000 daily than anything above to end up in South Continent. Quite few spot prompt handies are floating around on the water and focusing much more on dates proposed by charterers (ie spot is preferred) rather than the money (which of course is the next point to solve once dates are agreed).

Black sea on the bigger ladies, it seems the market is showing some sparkling movements, which could then, at some stage impact the handies, but this remains to be seen.

Ecsa, if we stick with today’s bmti comments, is not neither looking very exciting nor excited.

Again, putting these -not really -super market conditions on the holidays season’s shoulders is bit short when declaring on the other side -too much supply not enough demand- would a truism. Pick your side.

Don’t worry shipping people, we are not in the worst industry, you could have played in the Bitcoins and crypto money. This market has been great in the passed months, The BPI (Bitcoin Price Index) – is by far more volatile than our BPI (Baltic Panamax Index)- went up to $19,343 on dec 17th 2017 (from $2,423 on july 12th 2017) to $6,376 today.


interesting (or not) to realize Bloomberg is using the numbers of tweets/day mentionning this coin to assess (together with exchange value rate of the bitcoin) the loss of interest on this cryptocurrency.

Interesting (or not) to realize the whole shipping world is everyday talking about digitalization of our industry when on the other side, Company like Scorpio (listed on the Ny stock Exchanged) entered into the Twitter world in May 2018. With So far 13 tweets, their last one is here . Scorpio may have, at some stage, to consider hiring a Community manager.

I know being on Twitter (or Facebook or Linkedin or Tinder or any social network) is not setting up a digitalization strategy and politic, however, these tools are part of the today’s pack, to my opinion, for Companies like this. Good news, still progress to be made ahead of us.

Have a nice afternoon/day/evening.

And before letting you go,

  • to the French reading this report, are you going to drink a belgian beer today while watching at the game ?
  • To the Belgian reading this report, are you going to drink a glass of white wine from Bordeaux while watching at the game?

Time to pick your side


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