shipping is awaiting trading people to decide what they aim to do

Long time no news. But don’t worry the shipping world have still been up and running since last market report sent from here. It was only 10 days ago. Bdi managed to lose 100pts (yes on average 10/day) BCI lost 183 points, BPI did not managed to get above the 1,500 threshold, stucked at max 1,498 and now is back below 1,350 (1,339 exactly today) while supras and handies are not really showing any signs of volatility.

To have a quick view and analysis about the week just behind us on the indexes you should spend 10 minutes on this document TECHNICAL ANALYSIS BDI WEEK 25

Anyway, it’s rather difficult to have anyones keen to make any forecast for the weeks/months to come as the trading world is quite heavily impacted about the tariffs set up here and there in reaction to Mr Trump’s import/export politics. Looking like, strategic partnerships from occidental world is more to rely on China future rather than USA. As an example here HERE

On the small ladies, the positive feeling from owners is however around the corner HS3 and HS4 are showing some signs of improvement and somehow is a sign for local situation being bit more balanced between supply and demand. More balanced but until when ? Demand on the grains (corn and soya) (ex brazil for instance) is almost null, as uncertainyu over freight costs has frozen the market (source Jay O’Neil, grain trader based in US) anyway


Bare in mind today’s is Day of the Seafarer. You know the people on board the ships looking after the cargo, the ships and making sure everything can be delivered smoothly (and then, at our brokers level, making sure our life is bit easier also).

Finally, if you’re much into the oil buisness, some info here oily



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