shipping and drybulk -few thoughts and comments- (and Tce/voyage estimates)

The fixture mentionned by BMTI « another 33/34,000 dwt has been fixedbelow US$10,000 daily for a trip to Med » is most probably this fixture mentionned this afternoon in the Baltex. Mv ‘Emerald Bay’ 2008 built 32,258dwt dely USG prompt redel Tunisia intention Grains at US$9,500 »…   Having found back my famous old school abacus, I’ve run an estimate on voyage basis for this one. Assuming cargo would be 30,000 5pct bulk agriprods st abt 45’ / Corpus Christi 7,000x to Tunisia 2,000x where 32’ 3.75ttl com, assuming the ship is fixed APS (as per our records she’s « open SWPASS 14/18 june » , also as per our records she’s showing quite nice speed/conso at sea 13knots on 18mt IFO + 0.2mt LSMGO). This $9,500 daily is equal to somewhere around $31/32pmt, sub various parameters you add (or not) in the estimation (paramaters such like, potential shortage claim, time lost at sea, exact intake).

Another fixture seen yesterday mv tczew (bless you) 39kdwt 2016 blt dely santos ppt redel algeria w/ sugar @ $10,500. Assuming it’s a 30,000 10pct 8,000satnoonshex to algeria 5’000x, this is giving (once again abt, wog, as brokers, not100%surebutstillhappytoshare) on pmt bss something like $21/22.  The ship was said open ARATU spot (unclear if spot since 5 days or simply opened on the 5th). These $10,500 aps Santos equal +$1,00 on the shoulders of charterers if fixed DOP.

Same story, for the sake of doing the exercice, should the ship had to ballast from West africa, swallowing the ballast on owners’ side, this is bringing a DOP Abidjan equivalent for Owners at US$6,000 daily for a 50 days trip !

Under these conditions, easy to realize why the trades ex Continent or Black Sea to West Africa, handy Owners asking 5 digit numbers on dop bss to start to consider.  The round voyage average result is everything but not really appealing for owners. Sometimes, no matter what the indexes are doing, some trades have to go up, to somehow balance the losses on the next one.

Posidonia is about to be over, it’s said that more than 24,000 people attended to this event. Trust this can’t hurt the Greek economy. Yesterday I was mentionning here the Great idea which came up from owners to be in line with the IMO suphur Cap by 2020. They commonly decided to make the ships going at slow steam. That’s a nice idea, isn’t it ? Another comment was made here about this decision, comment made by an Harbor Pilot in Hawaian ports. Based in Honolulu. Capt. Ed Enos.   I don’t know if Captain Ed has nice shirts, for sure he has strong opinions and he’s happy to share. Aloha Captain Ed.

This article from Bloomberg, about Cargill has also caught my eyes this morning, while bitting in my french baguette.

You should spend 15min of your (valuable) time to go through this article. While doing such, if you’re on the owners/shipping side, mentally, just switch the word « Cargill » with the word « Shipowners » and you’ll realize same challenges to be addressed (digitization, added value not anymore in the access to information)- and up to some extent same tough decisions to be made. Making ships going on a slower speed is probably not enough, but, hey don’t make me wrong, I can do the same exercice and switch « Cargill » word into « brokershop » and do my piece of work not to become the boiling frog.

Have a nice evening, week-end and looking forward for your replies to this essential questions :

Once you have finished reading the article, go back on the top of the article with the top end picture. I’m seriously wondering how long did it take to the Cargill employee to sweep the area and build up this huge pile of dust ? And why did he do that ? has he been punished ?

Too lazy to go back on the article, here the picture again

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