what’s been hot this week in shipping?

Bunkers have been in the center of discussions this week while discussing with both, owners and charterers. The latters, while willing to consider ships on TcT or Period are asking what’s the Bunkers on Board on Delivery. Depending on which area of the world the ship is, refilling the tanks is not the best way to start the trip. Especially if this needs to be done in Brazil with quite high bunkers prices and some uncertainty about bunkers being available for a quick pit stop. For Owners, ballasting from current’s ship position to go for the next voyage is extremly costy. Even more costy when Owners realizing the proposed aps daily hire by Charterers. For sure in Atlantic.

Oil (and so bunkers) prices have eased a bit in the last 5 trading days, however, as mentionned by BMTI today, but said in a more coporate way, experts looking like being fairly lost. Some are expecting the baril to come up to $100/barrel within the next few months, when others making their assumptions on the OPEC’s politic which may drag down oil and so bunkers prices in the next weeks.

What comes after bunkers and Oil. Steel maybe. Our Friend Donald, being anything but not a Mickey published new tarifs on steel imports towards his homeland. Very difficult now to have some picture on how this will impact the shipping industry, knowing the US Partners being involved in this restrictions (Canada, EU, Mexico) are, in a tit for tat reaction, also thinking about restrictions on imports from US production. Let’s believe this is going to be the next week highlight.

Back to chartering, in case you’ve been sleeping the whole week, you can have a summary of what happened since Monday here . In short, Pacific is doing ok, Atlantic is not. Risk is then for Owners to give relatively low rates for Front Haul businesses and ending there when market is going back the usual way. Bmti’s mentionning $12,500 daily (trust APS) for a 39kdwt fixed for a Rouen to algeria trade, adding « which equates to $18/mt on the bss of 33,000mt intake ». I can take all the figures on a nice super eco super intake ship put them in the shaker, and whichever the recipe of the super smoothie,


I never end up close to $18pmt on the voyage equivalent with 12,000x.2,500x. The only way to make it close to $18 is to work basis 3,500sshex (local equivalent) at dischport. From 22 theorical days for discharge to 15.

Next week is going to be Posidonia week. Greece will be once again the shipping world Center (as if they needed Posidonia to be the center of the shipping world). Surely Future of shipping will be discussed (and designed) during Posidonia. Some might wonder if Shipowners are ready for higher interest rates ? some replies are listed in this article, and by putting the question down, you bet, you already have the answer (which is « not really but… »)

Another one is about the floating drones combined with AI. Surely some applications for the Merchant fleet will come up. For example, add under the hull some cameras and do the hull inspection without needing any single diver to jump into the water.

To end up today’s report, ships will always need trading companies to fill in the ladies. Trafigura is one of them, an interesting article about this company is proposed here.


Voilà, you have bit of reading for your week-end.

You’re welcome



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