Shipping from Germany to Greece?

Quiet Monday with Greeks (among others) being off. But Greeks are weighting from 17% to 20% (depending who’s calculating. If it’s Clarksons, they weight 17%, if it Greek Shipowners assocation the weight is at 20%) of the overall fleet at sea. You can find the full article here. Worth to note also, German shipowners seems to be the big sellers in 2018. So called Europeans Countries with strong (or weak) economy is not exactly reflected in the shipping world.

greek german

No index neither today as UK is off. Also it shall not last too much until charterers claiming their ideas are normal, view oil prices going down.

Also this article is somehow a good summary of the dilemma which are faced by Managing directors in Shipowners chairs. Namely Maersk’s ones here. They need to have vision and 5 years plan to be able to prepare the future and be in the right position to embrace the changes, when the share holders are much more basics and, unsaid, asking for plans to cash in.

Cashing in is what we’ve been proposed today from few handy owners to consider dely Canakkale via Black Sea with grains for beg June to end up in Egypt Med. 3 of them came in to ask for more than $11,000 DOP (open Emed) when such market is most probably in the region of $9,000 (max max, at least today).

Finally, Benjamas Naree fixture (34kdwt) reported today in BMTI, if I recall right was not reported in BDI last Friday. $9,750 for aps recalada redel full med is, let’s be positive, a nice shot from the mentionned charterers. Vsl’s was said spot there on the 21st of May… Let’s hope for owners, at least they got ridd of the 8 days notice which usually applies in such area.

Have a nice evening.



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