Figures matter. no little profit

If you had a chance to read Bmti’s report today, the “from the desk of a continental shipbroker”, Klaipeda looking like the main focus from this shipbroker (not to mention the name of the charterers). So Fertz ex Klaipeda to Up River fixed around $28/mt bss 1-1 could be this biz which we saw on the market: “Prompt 30,000 10% moloo DAP 7500c/3500sshex” and yes, basis our digital abacus, $28/mt is looking like being Time Charter Equivalent at $7,500 daily on a 38kdwt, index type, basis Delivery Skaw.

Same Charterers, having a 40,000 mt Min/max stem of MOP ex Klaipeda to Onne where Free Da’s with 8000/2000sshinc both ends, to be loaded 1st half of June. On a 47kdwt, still basis delivery Skaw the $24/25 pmt charterers having (apparently) in mind gives a time charter equivalent around $12,750 daily. While, Owners being more in a $27/28pmt mood, this would mean owners trying to stay above the $15,000 daily cap. Ex Klaipeda, still, not mentionned in BMTI, grains charterers were looking for a handy able to load on spot basis some grains to 2 safe ports Italy. Difficult to make any TCE assumptions on what charterers seeing/aiming/fixing without being the broker involved and getting full details of the agreement. I would be tempted to say, Owners asking somewhere around $10,000/10,500 to consider. I won’t give you any PMT equivalent as sub vessel’s intake you easily end up with a $4pmt gap on the same ship.

On the Capes, the mention (in BMTI still) about “(owners) potentially taking freights back within range of operating costs” on inter-Pacific DOP business, looking like what may happen next week if the BCI keeps sliding down.

On today’s BMTI again, you should really pay bit of attention on the “Investment Review” section. In my opinion, providing some % on the up or down of the share values from the Dry listed Shipowners is simply clueless (eventhough this is part of the game). DRYS performance, for example, showing a +8.7% week-on-week basis looking like exciting. Then you realize DRYS being worth US$ 4.1-4.2 per share and you realize, the close to 9% raise is simply equivalent of the price for a pack of 454g (16 OZ) of JIF Creamy Peanut Butter. Bon appetit!


Creamy Peanut Butter might not be on J.Lau’ shareholders breakfast menu. Deficit reported for 2018 Q1 being US $6.2m (compared to 2017 Q2 loss at US$ 7.4m). Full press released is here

But it’s also worth to mention mister Mads P. Zacho’s (J.Lau CEO) optimism in this document. Shipping industry needs optimistic people. Like Mister Zacho, like the Greeks, controlling today 20% of the world fleet at sea

Finally, today entering in force the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), I’m sure you’re passionate about this new thing, so you have here the full text of law, which I strongly invite you to read carefully  during the week-end. To make it simple, should you not wish anymore to receive these market reports (which yes are sent directly by email to few happy few), just let us know by return. We’ll miss you but we’ll fully respect your stupid decision.

Have a nice boring week-end (if you really intend to read this GDPR text, I can bet you’ll be so happy to come back to the office on Monday Morning).



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