when the big guys start to starve…

… it’s not necessarly a good news for the skinny ones.

Monday, quiet monday. So inviting you to read

1/financial times article about Clarkson’s deceptive performances ahead

2/Platts’ article about overall market poor performance, while I’m talking last friday about Market not in Olympic shape, Platts, having access to  obviously few more data than us, is putting the figures on the market. Looking like it’s not only about training hard/working hard…

3/this fixture reported on line I’m still failing to understand the interest about reporting this in a newspaper. Anything specific about this period? I don’t think so, but let us wish to Glencore and Diana shipping a nice and safe journey.

4/ quick comments on the BDI (dated last friday)

5/few fixtures which came to our ears:
– 56kdwt del Canakkale via blsea redel spnamed, gone at few box below $10,000 daily
– 34kdwt (13) del dop sfds 30 apr, tct w/ sugar, redel morocco, $14300
– a/c cofco, 60,000/10 sbm, necochea/qingdao, 1-15 may, 8000 shex bends, fxd @ usd 38.00 pmt (what was the freight for same ex USG, when American beans were still welcomed in china?)

have a nice one



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