DOP is the magic word – focus on the handy bulkers

At least today few fixtures heard/seen/done on the handies.

Ex Cont/Baltic

Understood modern 33kdwt open Continental Spain has been fixed for loading next week on Dop bss some steels to USG destination (under or not under Trump’s Tariff) at touch above $8,200 daily. When, you have seen in the Baltic Exchange fixtures report this fixture on a 33kdwt ex Northern Continent to West Africa at tick above $13,000 on dop bss again. 35kdwt is said fixed and failed dely passing skaw with Scrap for redely, you bet yes, in Emed in the $11,000 daily region. It’s anyway fixed & failed so not really relevant to disclose more details.


Chrtrs looking for a local 37kdwt to end up in Callao (Peru) need to be ready to take the ship on Dop bss again South West Pass and be fairly happy to book the lady below $20,000 daily. If the charterers need to load Metcoke to end up in Black Sea, then a 35kdwt modern will manage to secure $15,000 daily dop barranquilla.


Period being fashionable move nowadays,

few came to our ears also, still on the handies. 2012 built 35kdwt dely dop lanshan spot has been covered around $10,500/10,700 for 2 laden legs with a redely World wide. Japanese built lady 33kdwt fixed dely feast prompt for 1 year touch below $10,000 daily, in chopt for another additional year, then hire will be $10,750. It remains here unclear whether if chrtrs lifting the option for a 2nd year then the $10,750 will apply only on the 2nd year. It would make sense but in shipping, sometimes, things making sense are not the reflect of the truth. We also understood a 35kdwt built 2011 has been fixed for about 1 year at 118% of the BHSI. Once again it would make sense to based on 38kdwt trial BHSI, but no official confirmation for this. And Why 18% above BHSI on a ship being smaller/older than the index type lady ?


No rumors on the handies, still we have heard a 56kdwt ballasting from WAFR has been fixed on aps bss recalada on vsl’s dates to load grains and end up in Algeria at a daily hire in between $16,500/17,000. Thanks God, no rumor but info read in Market reports, 39kdwt Recalada to Wmed (trust Algeria again) done at « disappointing » $13,000 daily while a 36kdwt has been covered for similar trade at $13,500.

To conclude today’s report, with the topic of the week, this article from Wall Street Journal wondering about the impact of the Donald Trump’s tariff on steel/aluminium on the soyabeans business…Somehow they’ve got to get the beans.

“Step back relax and chill as I thrill” a hit done in 1990 so nothing new really!


have a nice evening, day, night, morning, anything basically, don’t forget to chill!

and maybe this “I am what I am and I’m playing my game” fits quite well to mr Donald Trump.



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