Owners open in Spore need to wait for Valentine’s day to get his premium to end up in Atlantic. lovers’ dinner is screwed

Some nice information on today’s Bmti


ex Continent/baltic

  • 34kdwt being proposed $20,000 for quick coastal coal business. Kind of nice money if Owners managing to find another employment while open during the week 52
  • 28kdwt being proposed $10,500 dely continent via baltic to Portugal. Running some voyage estimates here, if I’m right, bss Klaipeda with 8000sshinc to Lisbon with 10,000sshex, this is giving on the spot a freight around $16pmt.

arsh weather conditions are putting both owners and charterers under pressure. Charterers looking for safe itinerary ships, and owners seeing their ships being delayed and potentially cancelled, unless they are keen to revise the terms and conditions of the fixture. On without prejudice bassis of course!


while beginning of the week the feeling was somehow flat or “uneventful” to quote yesterday’s BMTI report, today their position is to say “Blsea gaining momentum […] rates look very attractive”. If 35kdwt are indeed worth $10,000 bss dely canakkale, on this bss for a 30000 10pct bulk wheat stem one safe port Russia with 7000sshex bends o Span Med would bring the freight somewhere close to $17pmt. Same to Port Said, with 5000sshex out shall lead the freight close to $14.75.


if Coastal biz are indeed worth $16,000 on 35kdwt (Check in BMTI again), assuming this is grains from Argentina to Brazil, there is still some room left on the freight to keep argentinean wheat competitive Vs the Russian one. Heard Brazil signed a decree enabling russian wheat to get in the country… But obviously the decree is not inviting owners to consider these shipments for free, or peanuts.


still driven by the Supras, looking like the handies/handymaxes are now managing to get into the party.


well just check today’s bdi fixture, mv ‘Hamburg Pearl’ 39.3kdwt looking like to be happy to get back into atlantic basin, against $6,000daily dely Sport redel continent. After 62 days, owners will get $10,500. So Owners need to wait Valentine’s day to get the premium. No perfume, no fancy dinner for madam I’m afraid*.


Outside of handies, worth to mention Capes passing the $30,000 mark

Talking a bit about bunkers, according to CNBC, the Brent above $65 is around, for the first time since mid 2015. Bunkers still, climate again, Paris once more, 35 nations have signed a shipping emissions regulation agreement, via the IMO. On the paper that’s a good news, in the air, this remains to be seen, if the 35 nations are weighting 2% of the fleet at sea and 1% of the ports calls worldwide, the deal does not mean much

have a nice afternoon, morning, evening, night, wherever you’re sitting in the world.



*or monsieur, in case the Owners is a woman. Let’s be bit more open minded.




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