is perception always subjective?


Good day, good morning,

So, the shipping market is heading towards the right direction finally for Owners? Surely, we are seeing more circulars from Owners proposing their ladies “available for period,6 months, try longer“, a true signal from Owners trying to secure now the money available on the market. Another way to understand is owners having learnt from the past would rather go for 1 bird in the hand being worth than 2 in the bush.

Ex Black sea, if you have a chance to read Bmti today’s report, they assume there is a switch on size strenght. Used to be the Supras and ultras interest which may be moving down to the handies.

BMTI again mentionning a cooling down on demand on supras and ultras due to (most probably) tonnage pilling up in this area. they came with a type mistake and fail to give us how many Smx/ultras are around in EMED- BLSEA area, I have counted here, just for you.

  • from 52 to 64,000dwt with max 200m loa, registered in our database, said open EMED or BLSEA in the next 7 days, registered since friday, we are counting 35 ships splitted asf:
  • .8 units open BLSEA/Canakkale range
  • .22 units from 52 to 58kdwt
  • .24 units which shall be technically able to be in Black Sea by 26th sept, hence able to tender NOR in Blsea ports, agw of course.

That’s quite a bit of ships, but then again according to BMTI “Grains charterers have raised their rates from US$ 12/mt to US$ 13/mt for 30,000mt of wheat from Bulgaria to South Spain, which is nonetheless around US$ 2/mt short of the market“. (seeing this cargo here looking like the above mention (despite qtty) Varna \ cadiz  25000 10 pct moloo blk wheat sf abt 46       Spot – ppt     6000x\ 5000 x     3,75adc) seeing also in today’s report 37kdwt dely canakkale via blsea redel span med with grains done @ US$ 9,250 bss 33,000mt loaded, converted into Voyage terms (as above) US $ 15.00 is the magic number for a 30k stem.

To end up this today’s report, we got a serious question passed on here last friday from owners asking us seriously:

“we keep hearing: market is going up – owners are reluctant – positive signs …why are these things NEVER happen where our ships are open ?? “

I would be tempted to reply we have been through exactly the same questions not that long ago from charterers, but the other way round

“we keep hearing: market is going down – owners are giving away their ships …why are these things NEVER happen where our cargoes are open ?? “

I personally think, whichever the market, Owners keep seeing it above his current position and vice & versa, charterers keep seeing it below his current level. It’s all about the optical illusion then bit like this cat, is she going up or down stairs?  and the market is it moving up or down ward?

cat up or down

What about brokers then? I have been told most of them are saying what their principals willing to hear. But it’s only a rumor which I won’t spread around.

With compliments (from your devoted brokers)




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