stranger things is not only on Netflix.

If you really want to see strange(r) things, forget about your Netflix subscription and come and join the shipping Industry. We have full of weirdos in our community, thanks God most of them are nice. Weirdos but nice in a nutshell.

Not sure if you’re in the daily circular of this one, sending few times per month the below nice message:

“Can you please advise if you or your charterers have fully firm negotiable cargo shipments that are ready to fix today? Do you have freight figures in mind or on table? If yes, how much? Thank you for your time. (then details of the contact)*

if you’re in this circular, please do not hesitate to add in your reply to this smart brokers. Add Pelagos** only if you are giving to these guys your books and full set of constructive info which will enable us to serve you better. If in your books you also have some comments such like “Cargo B, is very touchy, we would rather pay 15% above market to secure the right ship with the perfect position“. Please don’t be shy, send it over also. Trust us, we won’t use these sensitive information against your interests, we might come up with a ship 20% above the market level, but you’ld recon, what really matters, is to have secured the right ship, right?

If you’re reply is “please put me off the list of your message?” don’t bother to put Pelagos** in copy. We’ll simply ignore your request and keep sending you bright and sharps emails, which is our Pelagos standard.

Also I’m wondering few things about this guys sending this candid emails. Why not asking everyday? Is it because, in between he got somebody who replied as per my  above assumptions and then the guy, having few bones to bite is focused on fixing and then coming back on the market once he has fixed many cargoes and ships. If so, the man is a genius.

If nothing fixed in between and nobody sending him anything looking like “firm cargoes fixable today“, why the hell is he keeping sending this stupid email to tons of brokers /operators/charterers? do they really hope to get a reply from a the new comer, the fresh trainee being happy to propose innovative solutions?

That’s weird but maybe I’m missing something. Tomorrow we’ll talk about owners/ owners’ brokers circulating 5 times a day a TBN ship said being open “WorldWide within 3 (maybe 4) months” after the day of sending the position. Is it to get a feeling about the market or just reminding to the shipping community, they’re still alive and looking forward for your fresh firm cargoes negotiable and fixable today? that’s a strange thing, but again I might have missed something.

giphy (1)

To conclude and talk quickly about the market, seems we are right now to the turning point. the summer lull is today and tomorrow. On Wednesday it’s pre “back to school” rush. Be aware and be ready.



*If you don’t believe me, I have a record of these messages and they trully exists. They are fascinating, really.

**to get our email adress you can contact us via this blog, via twitter, via linkedin, not via tinder – it’s only for personal use-, via snapchat, Facebook, Strava… what more do you need?

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