construction fail and that’s impacting shipping also

While OPEC were fairly confident about Oil demand in the next months/year no later than this Tuesday, the International Energy Agency has an absolute other vision and forecasting lower consumption from China and India. As a result, Barrel of WTI is down by 2% and getting back below $50 per barrel.

According to PBES, « batteries are the new oil for ships », you can find more about PBES here,  , I’m not quite sure this will apply soon for the Capers, Perry, on his side, is fairly confident. (obviously, he has to he’s the PBES’ CEO).

Batteries done by PBES (or Elon Musk or whoever) might be used for ship generators enabling the ladies to be fully digitalized. If you’re wondering about digitalization in shipping, might be worth to go through the 17mins of the lloyds meeting held in May 2017 which you should find here “digital shipping agenda”.

And if you’re a trader, still about digitalization you might need this technology to follow the moves on the dry cargoes (currently on oil only) and maybe then have a tool to anticipate commodity prices and future needs.

What’s making our era great is the fact that information is everywhere about almost anything and accessible by absolutely anybody. But no Matter about data available, decisions are still made without questionning about business impact.

Bmti is today’s mentionning a handy ship fixed and cancelled has she could not fit into the new Air draft restrictions to call the loading port (namely Kavkaz or Taman) thanks to a bridge being build up from Kerch to Crimea. We can easily presume Millions of rubles have been spent prior launching this fabulous new bridge (said to be the Most ambitious project of Russia and a multi-billion dollars & 12miles project) shortening road transportation, but none ever wonder if this would have an impact on the sea transport, again this could be funny, if billions of US$ where not involved either ways. Some might need to go back to the school of anticipation.

now please take your abacus and let me know how you would rate these cargoes seen this week

  1. 29,000 mts  10 pct mol  yellow peas in bulk 9000 mts  10 pct  mol Berdyansk (7.7m) + 20000 mts 10 pct mol   Kavkaz OPL / 1 sa Calcutta 2500x+3000x/4000x 10/25 Sept
  2. 25/35,000 mts bulk wheat Kavkaz Anch / 1sp Egypt Med 14/18 Aug 5000x/3500x
    CARGO BULK WHEAT 35 000 +/- 10 % , SF 43 WOG – DUR 45 +/- 10 DAYS WOG LAYCAN 16/08-21/08/2017

Shall we suggest to chrtrs of the third one to get rid of a « AA » standing for « Always Accessible » before getting into trouble ?

Shall we ask Marinetraffic if any ship is found fully loaded in Taman and stuck there without any exit option ?

Finally, if you wonder what’s the market is doing ? I think he’s just laughing at us and will come back to us on Monday (or Wednesday only).

At Pelagos, we don’t laugh, never. Always serious, doing serious stuff and seriously available to fix your serious cargoes/ships. We are not mickeys.




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