money money money

Listen to this song again, close your eyes and take it “I” being a ship (not Neymar jr), Neymar could be the rich man… not leaving in Monaco nor Las Vegas but in Paris or around


Is checking information and datas enough to understand market, not quite sure…

Today’s bdi is mentionning 2 fixtures with quite really hardly comparable income for both owners.

  • ‘Northern Confidence’   (2016 34914 dwt) managing to get $11,000 daily for  Trip dely Santos 12/14 Aug trip via Recalada redel West Mediterranean


  • ‘Strategic Endeavour’ (2010 33078 dwt) is only getting approx $8,000 daily for  Trip dely Praia Mole prompt trip redel Continent


  • Northern Confidence intake is bit better  abt 1.6m grain capacity Vs 1.5 respectively for Endeavour
  • N confidence speed conso is bit better about 2mt Ifo less at sea
  • tonnage demand is surely bit better while open in Santos rather than Praia Mole
  • redely Wmed is bit less exciting than redel in Continent (unless blsea waking up on these sizes)

Are all the above worth $3,000 daily difference on the hire? according to these fixtures it seems so, according to what we can hear/see/do, it seems so Northern Confidence fixture is quite good for owners. And Strategic Endeavour also has to work all night, all day, to pay the bills.

For sake of running the maths, mv’Northern Confidence’ bss 1sp upr to Algeria with agri prods 7000/2500x the voyage equivalent is somewhere around $32.50/33.00 sub final intake.

Finally for sake of comparing size performance, ultramax (All Star Atlas) is said to be fixed last week for a comparable biz ex ecsa to wmed at $10,500 daily but delivery being made in Abidjan (so about 4,000nautic miles and 14 days at sea to be added on charterers bill) which is quite far above the S9_58 route from wafr via Ecsa to skaw passero being worth today $8,923

That’s it for today and Bmti is offering a quite complete market overview on handies and supras in their “bmti’s handy bulk viewpoint” so time to subscribe.

finally should you wonder about why seaways bills of lading being a deal breaker for a potential fixture between German owners and Japanese charterers check here explaining why seaways bills of lading shall be cautiously used.





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