13 reasons why you should read this shipping market comment

8 august 2017, 9 year ago it was the kick off the Beijing Olympic Games and the antechamber of the crisis we are going through… with Chinese stopping heavy and unrealistic importations to make « china looking Great » for the Olympics.

Here you have « 13 reasons why » you should read this report

1/ starting with China. China’s buying field all across the world to secure food for their future (if not current) generation. Question then : Will the seaborne transport from overseas to Shanghai enter into Statistics as « importation » or « national » production ?

2/ Financial times not mentionning everyday Shipping Industry in their newspaper. When they do, they only focus on the visible part of the iceberg. Who’s up to tell Financial times Shipping is mainly surrounded by good and valuable people not only « idiots » ?

3/ Breaking news, Bunge finally fixed

4/ Black sea remains on the hope for Handy owners (and Greek operators apparently) Blsea Med biz are still done below $8,000 daily, which is still (theorically) not enough for making west med ballasters to consider

5/ about black Sea owners of Ismini 28kdwt reported fixed at $9,200 ex santos to Blsea, with sugar for Dreyfus, Owners standing between the devil and the deep sea. Struggling to take advantage of ECSA position, which should be a good one and surely hoping for the Black sea repositionning to be the right bet in 35 days.

6/ this Ismini fixture to be compared, if you fancy, with last week fixture, still committed by Dreyfus on Praetorius at $9,500 to Skaw/passero range (and reported in BHSI). Shall Praetorius end up in Central Med or Adriatic and this fixture is not a great bargain for owners (compared to ISMINI showing specs being less interesting than Praetorius)

7/ I’m proud to realize (and so I share the info w/ you) Bloomberg seems to be a big follower of my daily reports, and wanted to add some scientists facts about the Bees health and my « bee theory applied about shipping ». Thanks Michael for the update.

8/ wondering how Cargill performed so far, you have access here to their 2017 annual report and where they spent $1billion to « thrive the world »

9/ alternatively about 8/… wait for analysts to go through these 20pages and make bright comments

10/ alternatively about 8/ be curious and go page 6 where you can read « Cargill manages approximatively 250,000 shipments of goods across borders every year ». And you? how many fixtures do you have with these guys per year?

11/ alternatively about 8/ be curious and go page 12 « 98% of Cargill’s drybulk fleet has been vetted w/ one of the five highest grades efficiency from Rightship ». Owners willing to work with Cargill, shall better then checked how many stars their fleet is having from Rightship. Rightship in shipping is what’s Moody’s in the financial world !

12/ today’s international cat’s day and this is not enough to make BHSI on the rise again. HS3 below $9,400 today / HS4 keeps sliding close to $7,000. Asian market is comparatively in a better shape and managing to contain the drop.

13/ related to 3/. What did they fixed more precisely ? this is still under investigation here we’ll let you know once found.





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