final end to the “Queen Bee” concept

Friday afternoon, let’s put a final end to this « Queen Bee » concept by adding a « r » at the end, and trust all of you will agree, what really matter is to enjoy a fresh « Queen Beer » to start on the right way the week-end.

To enjoy this, sale 4 or 5 of your DRY’s or NAVIOS’ shares and with the 5$ you get, get a pint. On the chartering, we can notice all the today’s Handy routes are in negative mood. With HS3 (ecsa/skaw Pass) losing for the 2nd time in  row close to 190 points, getting dangerously close to the $9,500 mark. HS4 (USG to Skaw pass) is even a bigger loser, with 385 points lost in the last 2 days of quotation and shall this move keep going on, will flirt with the $7,000 mark. Don’t worry, we are safe, BDI still above the 1,000points mark. Last Monday, BDI was at 946. So you see, market is going up, market IS ON FIRE, we just need to focus on the right figures. Should you wish to have the past week for the durance of a blink of an eye, follow this link.

Starting with « A stronger week for the big ships » and concluded with « some brokers commented that the negative trend could remain next week ». Market is on fire, just don’t read the Handy section.

Have a nice week-end



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