Shipping and Queen bee part B

The “Queen Bee” theory developped here one week ago (last friday precisely is shipping industry comparable to the bee social set up?) happened to be more controversial than expected.

Owners reading in copy, applauded the concept of their lovely ladies being in the center of our shipping world, claiming “no ships no transportation by sea” (which is kind of an obvious and stupid statement, but I kept this comment for myself, they are also my principals).

On the other side, charterers reading in copy, did not buy this theory of the “Queen bee” claiming, “no cargoes to move, ships won’t get fixed for moving air” ” (which is kind of an obvious and stupid statement, but I kept this comment for myself, they are also my principals).

All in all, the way chartering/shipping (call it how you want, I’m not after anymore controversy) market has been moving in the last 5 business days tend to make me believe we can call it the way we want, who cares at the end, there is no market anymore, yet, for now.

On handies very little demand is seen from the baltic to blsea area. Could have a technical squeeze ex continent in case Black Sea is starting to shine in the dark. (few Owners open Wmed are placing their bets and moving East, rather than up to continent), this could lead then to Continent being less supplied by tonnage. This is theorical, and also to try not to be only negative in my today’s comments. As, as off today, owners being open for 7 days in Gibraltar are ready to give away their ships at equivalent below 5k$ passing gibraltar via continent with redely West Med with grains. We have also seen owners losing their faith and begging for a firm offer claiming “being here to compete” when their first indication was 15% above the competition proposals. USG is looking like a future battle from owners to catch the cargo which may pop up. Ecsa, if we are believing in the indexes (which we have to at some stage) is not looking too bright.

Finally, to try to give you some insight, as mentionned by BMTI (a good source of info about shipping) the “Sauron project” about ports and cyber security, done on European funds, with super technology to super protect our super ports super cargoes and super ships. I’m just wondering how relevant is it to advertise such program and explain (as done here)  all the great work they’re going to put in place.

Guys, don’t hesitate to post the PIN code of your program on Facebook, you’ll save time to the cyber pirats.

Finally are the future “Queen Bee” the cyber pirats?

have a nice day and remaining at your disposal shinc, weather permitting.




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