ships, ships, ships and ships again. Who’s going to build them in the future?


When big house brokerage is stating « DryPmx: Most owners reluctant to rush rating/fixing today: More mrkt positivity needed tomorrow to reinforce the idea that a recovery is due » you can read/understand « boring day for the brokers involved in the Panamax segment as nothing happened »

Checking today’s Panamax index, it’s quite flattish and market wondering in which direction to go (when previous index was in the declining trend).

Hot in the maritime newspapers, is the financial health and future for the shipyards. But thanks god we have Emmanuel Macron, ready to nationalize a French « pepite », namely STX. One step forward and Manu (Emmanuel’s find I’m calling him Manu) will buy Far East shipyards in difficulties. What’s behind STX and the french government move, you have a point of view, here, worth to be read proposed by Olaf Merk.

For sure, the localization of the Far East yards is a point for owners taking new deliveries. When they got proposed monkey money to send their brand new ships in Atlantic, we can all appreciate, it’s difficult to discount the ship for her Maiden voyage. This would obviously not happened if the ship is delivered in St-Nazaire.

After Cosco teamed up with Cofco, we understood Cargill teaming up with Mitsui for 3+3 new chinese capers. Unit price is said to be $41.6m. The deal Cosco/cofco is bit different I have to recon.

If you happen to fix a ship without us (yeah, I heard this is happening from time to time), don’t forget to choose your word carefully as reminded by the baltic here, and if you want to avoid ending up at court. Words and also clear voice to voice discussion shall also avoid this.

You should also have a look at this youtube video talking about cyber criminality related to maritime/shipping industry . Simple things will make the difference, once you’ve looked at it, sure you’ll change one or two things in your digital daily management (and we don’t need to know what you’ve changed, you can have a chat on line with whoever you want, it’s not our business).

Before I leave, shall we talk about chartering and market movement ?

We have a perfect combination right now for very little to expect from the market, new week, new month. The rush for fixing July dates ships is behind us making players waiting to see if last done are setting the market or if something new shall come up.

And so far, fixtures reported in today’s bdi, not really encouraging for the spot market

Owners of 32kdwt modern open Baltic is giving their ship for less than $10,000 daily to end up in WCSA. Pic on owners’ side wanted to go on holidays and get rid of the ship or I’m missing something ? 35kdwt via ARAG to Emed with scrap is leaving town for touch above $8,000 daily. (few days ago same was worth more than $10,000 daily). Is the owners of this ship planning to go on holidays with the owners’ of the 32kdwt mentionned above ?

Have a nice day. And you can open all the links in this market report, they were safe at least when I clicked on « PUBLISH ».



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