quick market report before a short break

Glencore is apparently now obtaining « below $15usdpmt » (hence below their fixing ideas) on this Dunkirk to algeria, bulk wheat stem of 30,000 5pct, which if true is a rather good sign for charterers in need to move their grains from continent in the 10 days to come.

Sentiment from Black Sea remains relatively mixed. The locals are all awaiting the new grains season to kick off, however, good owners are able to obtain Dop emed around $5,500 for a trip to continent via blsea w/ clean cargo on 32kdwt. Dop Odessa to Egypt, same ship size is done at $6,500 daily.

ECSA, Yangtze Dignity 32kdwt is finally said fixed at $10,500 daily for a trip to Wmed dely DOP Paranagua, assuming the ship is able to load 30,000mt and loading in 1sp upr with 7000satnoonshex terms to algeria with 2,500sshex out, this shall bring on voyage equivalent something around $30.00. It remains quite a good number for owners.

What else in our fantastic world ? is it worth to tell you we have, here in France, a new minister of transports who declared during a meeting in front of french logistic professionals « I want to make french ports more competitive ». See here This is a great news, thanks Elisabeth for declaring such. Any readers who have heard a freshly named minister declaring « I’ll do my best to make ports under my authority less competitive, I’ll try hard but I’m confident I’ll succeed » ?

whatever the politics, let me wish an happy 150 birthday to Canadians who might read this. As a gift, I’ll let you have a week free of reports and will come back to you on Monday 10th july. Of course, Pelagos team remain on the deck while I’m on the beach.








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