Only Greeks shipowners can claim to be Greek Shipowners, they are gifted about timing.

Dunkirk to algeria, according to bmti, on bulk wheat stem of 30,000 5pct with as mentionned yesterday 15,000c at load, « charterers are proposed tonnage at $15.75, but charterers kept silent », probably thinking « time will help to get better offer on the plate ». In the last weeks, on this specific trade, owners managed to keep the freight level relatively stable.

From Black Sea, once again, handies looking for grains are all jumping on the very few stems out and ready to do $6,500 daily dely Canakkale with redel West Med.

Also an interesting quick focus is proposed on the Great Lakes /st Law area where, it seems, but might be worth to cross check info, not enough activity there for owners to be happy to end up in this area. Again, at least on the grains, trust need to wait a bit for the excitement to come in.

About excitment, few weeks ago I was daring to say « Greece is the center of the world when it comes to shipping », you have here some info on greek fleets on greek owners, despite today’s bmti report on S&P, mentionning they ‘only’ invest worth $58.3 mio in 3 ships (2 modern 58kdwt gone at 25mio each and one japanese 32kdwt gone for $8.3mio).

Finally, mister Nasser, BHPBilliton’s boss could have get better inspiration (by asking to Greek owners (for example) if the timing is right for investing) before spending $20Billion in US Shale. Asking to brokers? don’t even think about it BHP do not need brokers as you know. So no need to wonder why BHP is cutting shipbrokers commissions (they probably gave away all of it to the finance experts who made the US shale’s acquisition done).

Have a nice afternoon and should you have some off market cargo/ship to fix, we’ll get excited to sort it out.




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