Where is Waldo?

Is it a sign stating market is in very good shape? while you’re receiving a circular from brokers based in singapore sent at 11.00pm local time being as follow:

“CAN ANYONE HELP US TO REACH OWNS OF BELOW VESSEL? WE HAVE SPOT CARGO FOR HER” and then name/specs/position of the ship…?

Owners are so confident about their ship’s attractivness  they believe it’s worth to hide and invite for proposals, eventhough this said ship is SPOT… or Owners being Maersk and out of IT system? the brokers in Singapore shall have proposed a reward for the one bringing him the ship, such like double commission if fixed or nice diner out if not fixed, not sure what but for sure something.

on the fixtures reported, today’s mv ‘AQUATA’ fixture raised our intention, this 46.5kdwt built 1999 said fixed daily Recalada to Algeria with grains at $12,250 with laycan 29/30 june is looking quite good for owners. Putting aside the waiting time to tender notice at loadport which may apply for any grains shipments in Argentina, basis 7000satnoonshex at load and 3000sshex at discharge and 40,000mt loaded this shall end up to a voyage equivalent close to 25/26usdpmt. This handymax fixture is to be compared with either what we heard today 33,000dwt said fixed for 10th july at $10,000 daily bss Dely Recalada for a tirp to NCSA or 58kdwt fixed in the $11,500/$11,750 range for a trip to continent.

Ex continent/Baltic, West African traders will be interested to read a 35,000mt of wheat ex German Baltic to 3 ports in Nigeria (assume 8000sshex /3,000 satnoonshex) being worth somewhere close to $27/mt when again 30kmt wheat from Dunkirk to Algeria with 15,000c /2,500x is targetted by charterers at $15,00 while holding $1 more. Converted into TCE, charterers ideas are Dop Rotterdam at $8,600 when the $16.00 equal to $1,000 more on daily bss (bss ship able to load 30,000). At more standard loading terms, ie 10,000sshex owners TCE is at 17usdpmt (and charterers equivalent at $16)

Overall, marketwise, BDI is offering you here a worth to read summary of the shipping market.  with some limits in their assumptions such like “bunkers prices increases […] which is likely to happen continuously over the course of 2017”. This assumption still have yet to be proven, 6 months to go to be right.









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